Materials for the December 10, 1997 Faculty Meeting


3:30- Approval of November 12, 1997 Minutes
Faculty Vote to Approve B.S. and MBA, December 1997 Degree Candidates

3:35-3:50 President's Remarks


Panel Discussion: Redesign of the Student Opinion Survey and Curriculum Reform



Open Discussion

Faculty Vote: Motion to Appoint Task Force for the Redesign of the Student Opinion Survey (Agenda Committee)

4:40-4:55 Undergraduate Curriculum Update: A Prelude

4:55-5:10 Vice President's Remarks
5:10-5:15 New Business



The Agenda committee moves to create a Teaching Evaluation Task Force whose charge would be:

1) To examine inconsistencies in the current design and use of StudentOpinion Surveys (SOS) across the various programs at Babson.

2) To examine recent literature on the evaluation of teaching and use of SOS.

3) To determine whether a common SOS instrument should be used in all programsin conjunction with program specific questions to address matters related to team teaching and situations where individual faculty have less ownership over the course parameters.

4) To redesign the current faculty approved SOS in accordance with the findings of the task force and/or provide guidelines for program specific design and content.

5) To review and consolidate the processes for conducting and reviewing the results of the SOS. To determine who sees what--what is public record, what is private to the faculty member.

6) To consult with previous SOS design team members(preserve historical memory), as well as with the DMB's and representatives of SEE. The task force should make its recommendations from a faculty-wide perspective, utilizing the input, and reconciling the differences from the various DMB's.

The task force should receive data collection support from the Office of Academic Affairs to ensure expeditious utilization of faculty resources.

The task force should report its findings by the April faculty meeting.